…The Fast Train… (+_+)

forcarol.colorBefore the fast train/Scene # 1– Original Photo by Elaine Fuller/Revised by C.F.Avery
Most blogs, I think, are in a moment.  So is mine–but a moment long gone.  Soon–tomorrow will be here, and today, will  be racing away as a fast train.   I  can see so much clearer now, than I could as a youth, and lately I have though often of that phrase ‘youth is wasted on the young’.   Youth is how we began a path of trials, and errors, directing us towards wisdom–and fantasy–and what we think–is freedom. Without that silly, carefree stage–prior to maturity, we might not be so pleased to sit and rest–while we travel–to places far away-with just  the power of only our minds
I recall my father, in his sixties, saying, “Sis, I feel as young as I did at twenty–I just can’t do the things I want to.”   Years later, unknowingly–the  last conversation with me prior to his death—“Sis, ” When you get old–people treat you like you have no mind.”   I look back now–and see he was speaking the reality of how people only judge you by  making assumptions-of your capabilities -rather it  be physically or mentally.  These assumptions make it  often difficult to see the elder or disabled–as a functioning human person.   Even  those that mean well -can fall into that trap.  Although a parent was always there for the child, once  the nest is flown–the offspring can now  make his own decisions, has his  own life, and of course, “now knows what’s best for you.’–in your time of need.   They are still young–and have not yet reached this stage of maturity–realizing that from that easy chair–you may be able to travel places that their fancy sports car can not go.

We are so fortunate now  to have the internet– so we can reach out to others and hopefully enrich someone’s day..  I wish my father had that opportunity.   It would be amazing to hear his story–all written out as he remembered.  As a World War  II veteran–what he did then may be far away from any of your cares, however, he and many others cared enough to fight in pursuit of freedoms–making way for  innovations  they never even saw.. We should learn to take a moment–to reflect how our parents–service men and women–and many other civilians of the public sector—put their daily lives on hold–just so you can be free.  Too often this is forgotten, and it is the one that beat the path down for you–that gets left behind.
And the fast train is on it’s way.  This time–you may be on board–make a difference now–while the ride is in your control. forcarol

The fast train has done gone/Scene # 2–Photo by Elaine Fuller

“In the absence of compassion –the foundation for life will surely rot.”— C.F. Avery