‘Love’ –Harmonizing the dots of the world…


 27000_101450476558703_4714221_n Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. -Aristotle-


Where did all the good men go? It can really make a lady feel low If you know the answer to my question Please tell me–I wanna confession As I was walking around one night–I began to dream– I thought I saw one over there–It did seem

And to my surprise–I found him standing in the moonlight Moving closer I began to tremble–wishing he’d hold me tight It was in the stars–for the night That everything would turn out just right As his eyes began to gleam–I could clearly see How he was looking at me–

I did not know which way to play Hard to get is the best way– And–as I turned and moved away It was easy to see that he wanted me to stay I could feel his warmth next to mine In a  race  to leave  him behind–

–As he reached out for my hand I could see he was no man– To deceive a lady–there should be a law And clearly–he  had a flaw So it was right to put up such a fuss Because he wasn’t like the rest of us–

Again I ran–Now– know it was no mistake Cause it was my life that was at stake I only had seen what I wanted to see– Never even thought of what he really might be This experience really gave me a scare– To think–I had almostfallen for a Bear!!

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